Faithful + Gould regional director sees a bit more than his rugby world cup wall chart from his 28th floor office in Canary Warf

What can you see?

Initially my rugby world cup wall chart but as it doesn’t make for pleasant reading I tend to look past it and admire a pretty impressive panoramic view over the city and many of London’s major landmarks.

How far up are you?

On the 28th floor, or about 400 feet up!

What’s on your desk?

Apart from the usual IT kit, a variety of rugby balls of different sizes emblazoned with construction industry logos on them and a cup of coffee.

What are you working on?

The procurement strategy for a large corporate fit out project on the Southbank for which we have recently been appointed as project managers.

What’s your all-time favourite view?

Sunrise over Machu Pichu in Peru. Or being slightly less pretentious, the view over London from the top of Greenwich Park.