The Gleeds director for Poland and Ukraine looks over Warsaw’s old town where he grew up as his mother watches over him

What can you see?

The old town with its small historic buildings where I was born and lived for 32 years, and where my mother still lives and watches when I switch off the light in my office! The Vistula river, the bridge linking eastern and western parts of Warsaw. Also, lots of greenery and red stylish roofs upon the old town. Plus, the National Theatre in Warsaw.

How far up are you?

On the 23rd floor. It is the highest building in this part of the city and has beautiful, spectacular views all year especially when I’m working at night.

What’s on your desk?

Not many items as I am a big guy! There is the IT kit, a few documents and my favourite mug with ducklings on it. My RICS diploma hangs on the wall next to the painting by my favourite artist which shows a big bull reflecting my personality - always determined and focused on the target.

What are you working on?

Typical matters connected with managing all of the six Gleeds Polska offices. In addition, what I like most, supervision of Gleeds professionals in their project and cost management duties on our prestigious projects dealt with in Poland and Ukraine.

What’s your all-time favourite view?

The view over a splendid garden full of colours that always makes me feel relaxed and ready for new challenges of the day.