Anglia television wants to sign up construction workers for a series called Demolition Day in which teams of three compete to build and demolish structures.
The teams will be made up of a builder with at least an NVQ level three, a structural or civil engineer who is recognised by the Institution of Structural Engineers or the Institution of Civil Engineers, and a qualified demolition expert who is recognised by the National Federation of Demolition Contractors.

Each team will be asked to conceive and build a structure according to set guidelines and then, at the end of the competition, the teams will swap around, and whoever demolishes the structure assigned to them first wins.

Melissa Mayne, an assistant producer with Anglia Television, said the programme makers were keen to sign up as many women for the show as possible.

She said: "We want to try to dispel the myth that engineering and construction are solely the domain of men."

She added that the programme makers were interested in anybody who would like to put a team together.

They are also looking to the industry to supply judges and a presenter.

Teams competing in the series of eight shows would have to be available for four consecutive days within a four-month period from next month to early November.

Anyone who would like to be considered as a judge would have to have a background in construction, engineering or demolition.

The person would also have to be tough enough to take on teams that disagree with their opinions.

Judges will be needed for a minimum of eight weeks from next month until early November.

For an application form contact Melissa Mayne or Laura Warner on 01603-752295 or email: