Wembley steelworkers are to be put on 12-hour night shifts as part of a deal to speed up contractor Hollandia's section of the project.

As Building went to press on Wednesday, union representatives were awaiting confirmation of the deal with Hollandia, under which workers would be put on 12-hour day and night shifts.

The agreement comes after Hollandia and labour provider FastTrack reached a settlement to prevent 200 steelworkers being laid off in a dispute over payments. It is understood that the deal involves Hollandia completing the bulk of its work by the end of this month.

Meanwhile union Amicus, which represents steelworkers and M&E workers on the project, said this week it did not expect to take M&E subcontractors to tribunal over recent redundancies. Amicus met leading M&E contractor Honeywell last week over 170 job losses made by its subcontractors.

Question marks had been raised over the level of notice given to workers, and there were claims that some agency workers had been dismissed via text message on Friday evenings. Honeywell has now instructed its subcontractors to deal with redundancies in line with statutory requirements.

Lists of key witnesses in the Multiplex and Cleveland Bridge case, which will begin next Tuesday, emerged this week. It is understood that Multiplex will call project director Ashley Muldoon, former construction managing director Matt Stagg, Stuart Kersely, Chris Ong and site manager David Watkins.

Cleveland Bridge is expected to field former chief executive Roddy Grant, managing director Brian Rogan, former finance director James Child, Richard Thomas and engineer Andy Hall.