Stadium spokesperson denies reports that movement caused a 40ft crack in the structure

Engineers have blamed a 'wobbling' tremor in Wembley stadium on 'natural settling'.

National newspapers had reported the appearance of a 40ft crack following strong winds on Monday, which had been rumoured to have forced areas to partially close.

However, a stadium spokesperson said engineers Mott Macdonald had reviewed the situation, and that “reports suggesting a crack in the stadium as a result of the movement are incorrect.”

She added that “there was some minor movement in the building on Monday morning”, but “as with all large structures, the stadium had been designed with a movement tolerance factored in.”

“It’s business as usual,” she said, “and the stadium remains fully operational”.

Engineers Mott Macdonald confirmed: “Our investigations are ongoing, but show that slight movement, within expected limits, has taken place across an expansion joint."

"Large buildings are designed with expansion joints to allow for these natural movements caused by wind and thermal effects.”