Brookfield is the new name for Multiplex, which we think is a tad dull. Can you think of anything more appropriate?

Who would have thought that in the same week that one of the most cherished names in UK construction was consigned to history, one of the less loved names would go the same way?

Yes, as the Alfred McAlpine hoardings are taken down for good, Multiplex has announced that it will be known by its Canadian parent’s name once the £3.4bn takeover of the company is complete. The name? Brookfield, which makes it sound less like a builder than it does an estate agent, or a racetrack.

We think the choice of name shows a stunning lack of creativity at Brookfield given the pedigree of their new purchase. A straw poll in the Building office came up with the following suggestions:

  • Wembleybuild
  • The Wizards of Oz
  • Sue the Builder
  • Armaggedon (out of White City)
  • The Defendant
  • Carillion

Any other thoughts?