McAlpine is the only contractor who wants to build the Olympic stadium so let them get on with it says Building's executive editor

The main reason why the ODA should just give the contract to build the Olympic stadium to Sir Robert McAlpine is because no other builders want to do it. A lot of architects and consultants want to be involved for sure, but essentially a contractor with a strong reputation for delivery needs to be in place to get the project across the line.

There is talk of inflated tender prices, cost-plus deals and elaborate designs being scaled back. But now is the time to be realistic, factor all of this into the budget (which will be revealed by the ODA imminently) and negotiate a fair price for the job. Let's not have the same run of negativity and uncertainty as unfolded in the Wembley stadium saga. Enough of that will play out as the Olympic deadlines gets nearer.

McAlpine are largely a secretive firm but are also shrewd, tough negotiators. It’s time the ODA management took them into a meeting behind closed doors, hammered out a deal and then let Benny Kelly and his team get on with it.