Wind turbines met 23% of the country’s energy needs last Wednesday

Wind power hit a UK record level last week when it generated over 10,000MW of electricity, meeting 23% of the country’s demand.

National Grid said the milestone was reached between 2pm and 2.30pm last Wednesday, with just over 7MW feeding into the grid and around 3MW generated for local distribution networks.

The 10,104MW record output was hailed by wind sector figures.

RenewableUK’s executive director Emma Pinchbeck said: “It shows that wind is playing an increasingly central role as a reliable part of our new modern energy system. As we install more wind power, more records will tumble.”

Juliet Davenport, chief executive of green energy company Good Energy, which owns commercial wind farms, said: “This shows that the transition from big old-fashioned power stations to local, decentralised renewable sources is here. The move to a 100% renewable future is possible and definitely within Britain’s grasp.”

According to data compiled exclusively for Building by Barbour ABI in February, it was revealed at the time that £29bn worth of wind farms are planned in the UK.

The sector enjoying a surge of investment - the £29bn figure dwarfs the £12.3bn of contracts awarded on wind farm developments over the previous five years, according to Barbour ABI.

Speaking to Building in May, then energy minister Andrea Leadsom said the government does “expect to see more offshore wind.”

Leadsom added that the government believes three-quarters of the supply chain for the £29bn offshore wind industry should come from the UK.