Energy Management Systems company Seamless Sensing has launched two products, one that measures energy usage and the other room air quality

EnOcean Current Clamp and the EnOcean Solar Powered CO2 Sensor are wireless, maintenance-free and are additions to the existing Seamless Sensing product range of energy management systems. The Current Clamp measures 40mm long and is clipped on a single core cable to measure energy use. Immediate energy values can be seen and used as an alert if too much electricity is being used. The self-powered CO2 sensor is used for indoor air quality (IAQ) monitoring, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems and is powered from indoor light. The CO2 gas levels in a room are a key indicator to the air quality. The firm estimates the device can operate for 17 hours in darkness and is fully EnOcean compliant making it easy to integrate into a commercial building’s management system.

Seamless Sensing