Raynsford tells Commons current plans are "nonsense".

Woolwich MP Nick Raynsford has demanded that the new Crossrail east/west rail link across London includes a station in his constituency. The Labour MP's call is backed by Greenwich's other members of parliament, Clive Efford and John Austin.

Raynsford told the House of Commons that: "It's a nonsense for the route to go underneath the town centre but have no station there. It is the only town centre on the entire route not to have a stop."

Comparing the current campaign to the one which successfully brought the borough a Jubilee line stop at North Greenwich, and a DLR station at Cutty Sark, he continued: "I am optimistic about the fight as there is a lot of support and no opposition in the debate. We had a similar battle for the North Greenwich station on the Jubilee line and Cutty Sark station on the DLR, which have both proved a success."

As the plans stand, there will be a Crossrail station at Abbey Wood. A survey commissioned by Greenwich council estimates that the additional station could create 6,000 jobs, and would help regenerate the area. Erith and Thamesmead MP John Austin described the site as a transport hub for the whole of the Thames Gateway area.

A Crossrail spokesman said: "Our position is the same - we have no plans to build a station at Woolwich but we will be providing a box under-ground to make a space for a station should it be decided to have one at a later date."