Workers on a housing project in Reading, Berkshire, have staged protests over pay.

Brick workers on the Southern Housing Group site are understood to have walked off on Monday after claiming some had not been paid for three weeks.

The men, who are employed by Pyramid Brickwork, say contractor Gilmac Building Services had not paid its suppliers.

They are understood to be planning protests at other Gilmac sites, including a United House project in north London. Gilmac’s other clients include London Underground and Tower Hamlets council.

Southern Housing Group is now seeking clarification from Gilmac on the dispute, amid growing concern over the firm’s financial position. The last available financial information on Gilmac at Companies House showed the firm made a pre-tax loss of £239,420 for the year ended 30 April 2005. It had a turnover of £23m.

A Southern Housing Group spokesperson said: “The group is reviewing progress to ensure contract terms are being met and seeking further clarification from Gilmac on the dispute.”

Gilmac said the problem was being resolved.