This week, troubleshooters can learn of on-site traffic lights, a fire collar tailored for pipes, a hassle-free roof-fixing system and air-conditioning for false ceilings. Plus a round up of the juiciest industry news
Plumbing essentials
Marley Plumbing and Drainage has brought out five products. The first is a galvanized steel rafter arm that enables gutter bracket positions to be adjusted. The second is a rubber universal waste adaptor. This plugs into a 110 mm underground or soil pipe and accepts any 32 mm, 40 mm or 50 mm waste pipe. The third product is similar to the second except that it is suitable for rainwater pipes. The fourth product is called SA42 and connects clay, cast-iron and plastic pipes to 110 mm plastic pipe. Finally, a universal fire collar is an intumescent product for fire-protecting pipes. The product is cut to size and is suitable for diameters ranging from 50 mm to 160 mm.
Marley Plumbing and Drainage 301

Integrated fire protection system
BRK has developed an integrated fire protection system for small commercial premises called Flexipoint. It consists of modular components including call-point alarms with smoke and heat alarms. The company says up to 18 alarm units – 12 units of smoke and six of heat – can be connected so that if one detects a fire the rest will sound. A master unit combining a breakglass and integral sounder is used to centrally control the system, and, in the event of an alarm, help pinpoint the source of the fire. The company says it is cheaper than a full hard-wired panel system.
BRK 302

Roof fixing system
Keybemo has brought out a type of fixing system called Keybar for its standing seam roofing product. It is described as a complete grid-bar support system that can be delivered to site either partially or fully assembled, and is made in standard lengths to suit straight or curved roofs. The company says it virtually eliminates alignment problems during installation and will support high side point loads by distributing them over the roof structure. The company adds that the support brackets can be set further apart, thus helping to reduce cold bridging and making it easier to conform to Part L of the Building Regulations.
Keybemo 303

Loading bays with traffic lights
Loading bay specialist Crawford Amber has launched a system to help guide delivery vehicles when reversing up to a dock leveller. Called Hafaeye, it is a traffic light system that changes from green to amber and then red as the vehicle gets closer to the dock leveller. The system helps reduce the risk of damage to the vehicle, building facade and loading bay. A sensor is mounted underneath the dock leveller and activates the green light when the vehicle is 2 m from it. When the vehicle is in the correct position for unloading, 200 mm from the loading bay, only the red light shows. The system is suitable for new and existing loading bays.
Crawford Amber 304

Fan coil for air-conditioning
Air-conditioning maker Carrier has launched a fan coil called 42UK. It is 245 mm deep and designed to be fitted horizontally in false ceilings. The company describes it as a classic ducted unit with very low noise levels.

It has an insulated drip tray that extends beyond the valve connections. It is also fitted with foam sheets for improved thermal and acoustic performance. Four sizes of unit are available with two motor drive combinations; airflow rates range from 70 l/s to 360 l/s.
Carrier 305

Movers and Makers

  • Multidisciplinary consultant Arup has launched a division called Arup Materials Consulting. Formed from existing divisions of Arup Facades and Arup R+D, the consultancy offers advice on all aspects of materials including initial design, service life, environmental impact and re-use. This includes unusual applications such as The Spire, a 120 m high steel mast in Dublin, and unusual combinations of materials including bonding marble to glass for a special glazing solution.

  • English Heritage has joined forces with the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings and the UK Building Limes Forum to try to save the UK’s only remaining source of hydraulic lime. Hydraulic lime is imported mainly from France; specialist lime supplier Hydraulic Lias Limes has applied to re-open the Appledoor quarry in Dorset. The three conservation bodies will speak at a public inquiry being held.

  • An independent assessment and product certification scheme called BuildCert has been launched by research and testing organisation WRc-NSF. The organisation says the test regime conforms to the requirements of British Standards, North American certification and also provides access to the European CE mark. The organisation tests products including water fittings and fixtures, control valves, appliances and pipe and heating components.

  • The British Woodworking Federation is to invite window installers to join its Timber Window Accreditation Scheme as approved installers. The BWF says it expects to attract up to 100 companies that will have to install BWF accredited windows to high standards and guarantee their work for 10 years.

  • Bathroom, washroom and shower products maker Armitage Shanks has appointed washroom hygiene specialist Cannon Hygiene to maintain and replace the Aridian cartridges on its waterless urinals. The cartridges are filled with a biodegradable perfumed liquid to prevent odours and have to be replaced every three months.


Apologies to Compagnia and BIW.

BIW Technologies

Client score 8.5 
Number of users 23,000
Review BIW is a process-based collaboration system, and although the main focus is project management, the system enables clients to apply their own processes. This could, once further developed, enable procurement functionality to be added. The company also produces Plan Weaver, a product that helps to optimise the design process and that complements the collaboration system. Plan Weaver could become a world-class product once it has established sufficient market share.
Main clients BT, Sainsburys, United Utilities, Kajima, Bovis Lend Lease, Skanska.
What the customers said Users were satisfied with the product and the service levels.

What the package is claimed to offer, and Compagnia’s opinion:
BIW’s strategy is based on providing a good quality product and service.
BIW has established good client relationships and a large number of users – the largest number in the UK to date.
BIW Information Channel is focused on helping to implement collaborative processes that surround development, building, operation and maintenance.
BIW has a strong understanding of construction that is reflected in its approach.
A set of collaborative process management tools has been designed to allow clients to develop their own processes. This is designed specifically to support the effective creation of flexible networks rather than rigid production lines.
Clients clearly need to have flexibility to suit their own processes, but also need to align business processes to suit the supply chain.
The intellectual influence on the application by some of the industry’s leading practitioners and their continued investment in BIW’s applications creates a more developed and therefore powerful product.
BIW’s system will benefit from the knowledge that their clients will migrate to the system (through user groups and general feedback).
Since the report was written, BIW has added the option of a fully integrated tendering package to its system. The advantage of this is that potential bidders can use the same system as the design team to download drawings and documents, and to submit queries prior to making a bid. BIW says the system allows bidders to submit their tender “quickly, simply and securely at the press of a button”.

  • Compagnia has produced a draft specification of an industry standard for collaboration systems. Users are invited to provide input at