Everything you need to build, clad, dampproof, illuminate, secure and air-condition your building, and we examine an electronic floor tile that creates delicate and graceful lighting effects
Easy-to-clean vinyl floors and walls
Tarkett has brought out two vinyl products for floors and walls. The first is an updated version of the company's Toro EL electrically conductive flooring. It is suitable for environments where static electricity build-up can disrupt processes, in for example in electronics factories, operating theatres, laboratories and computer rooms. The product surface is said to have the same cleaning advantages as its Tarkett iQ flooring, and does not need any waxing or polishing. It is available in nine colours. The wallcovering is called Wallgard and is thicker than earlier products, making it easier to install and improving its fire resistance. It has a polyurethane coating that makes it easier to remove adhesive from the surface, and is available with a marbled pattern.
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Stop damp transfer in masonry
Cavity Trays has developed a product to stop damp transfer between the inner and outer skins of cavity walls where the outer leaf has a decorative feature at the top of the wall. Because these features project beyond the plane of the wall, water can wash around them and cause damp problems unless a dampproof course is inserted between the mortar joints. However, inserting a dpc at the top of a wall may weaken it. Cavity Trays says its Type CD Cavity Dropcloak attaches to the inner leaf of the wall only, thus retaining the structural integrity of the outer leaf and preventing the ingress of damp.
Cavity Trays
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Ultra-secure door magnet locks
Security specialist Assa has launched a range of door security magnets for access control. The magnets are suitable for standard and narrow doors, made of timber or metal, with or without glazing. Three levels of security are available: medium, which provides a holding force of 3000 N; high security, with a holding force of 6000 N; and very high security with a holding force of 15,000 N. The magnets have been designed to eliminate residual magnetism when the lock is in the open mode. They can be operated by an access control system or exit button and can be linked to an alarm system in the event of an emergency. The magnets are operated by a 12 V or 24 V power supply.
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Fluorescent lamp with a long lifespan
Greenstock has launched a fluorescent lamp called Aura Signette for illuminated signage. The company says the lamp has a guaranteed service life of 36,000 hours, three times longer than standard lamps. If it is used in conjunction with electronic control gear, life expectancy can be extended to 45,000 hours. The lamp has a 26 mm diameter fluorescent bulb positioned within a 38 mm diameter outer tube that contains reflectors for optimum light distribution. It is available in 18 W, 36 W and 58 W versions.

Twin-reflector and single-reflector variants are available for double-sided, and single-sided signs respectively.
Greenstock Lamp Company
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Brick cladding without mortar
Novabrik International has introduced a mortarless brick cladding system to the UK. It is based on the use of high-strength, interlocking concrete blocks to create a maintenance-free and water-resistant rain screen skin. It is designed for use in residential and commercial construction and is available in a choice of colours.
Novabrik International
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Super-efficient air conditioning
Toshiba Air Conditioning has released two systems, the super digital inverter and an updated version of its variant refrigerant flow technology, the modular multi-system. The first product is a split system and is intended for large commercial applications. The company says it has an A-rating under the energy labelling scheme, which means that it is suited to situations where systems are needed to operate from a single-phase power supply, or where long pipe runs are unavoidable. It is available with cooling capacities of between 2.2 kW and 14 kW, and heating capacities of between 2.2 kW and 16.5 kW. The updated VRF system is called the Super MMS and uses R410a refrigerant. All the compressors, the control system and fans within a system work together to maximise energy efficiency. The system can be connected to 192 kW of indoor cooling capacity and can run up to 48 indoor units. There are five heat pump outdoor units with cooling capacities ranging from 14 kW up to 134.4 kW, and heating capacities of between 16 kW to 150 kW. The outdoor units are compatible with 84 units in the Toshiba range.
Toshiba Air Conditioning
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Intelligent blind control system
Simmtronic has added a blind control module to its Specs3 lighting control system. Called the SPB.8, it is intended for commercial office developments and is capable of controlling up to eight motors. The blinds can be configured as part of a lighting control system, and each is controlled individually. The module incorporates two test switches for testing the blinds operation prior to the system being commissioned. The unit also contains an error detection and self-correction facility.
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Carpet tiles in a rainbow of colours
Armstrong Floor Products has updated its Desso Sienna carpet tile range. The tiles has a loop pile and is now available in a larger and more contemporary range of colours. The 24 colours include neutrals, cool tones, "warm, business-like shades" and bright colours. The nylon yarn has been treated with Dupont Teflon anti-soiling protection. The company says the tiles are suitable for cut-in floor designs, and can be used with other products to create borders.
Armstrong Floor Products
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Floor paint that's touch-dry in an hour
Crown Trade has reformulated its Concrete Floor Paint so it is touch-dry within one hour, and recoatable after six. The company says the product had been reformulated in response to requests for a faster-drying product – typically existing products need 16 hours between coats. The paint is available in green, grey and red in an eggshell finish. It is supplied in five-litre tins.
Akzo Nobel
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Product innovation: The illuminating surface tile

Natalie Woolf, a postgraduate student at the Royal College of Art, and Stijn Ossevoort, a design researcher in the wearables group of Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zürich, have devised and patented a glass tile that lights up when pressure is applied to it. The interior of the tile contains a grid of LEDs attached to capacitors, transistors, resistors and a power source. When pressure is applied to the surface of the tile, say by somebody standing on it, it causes the capacitors in the area underneath and directly surrounding the person’s feet to charge, which ignites the corresponding LEDs. Capacitors placed further away will only charge partly, which results in an area of luminescence with faded edges. The effect is to increase the area of luminescence depending on how long the person has remained stationary, so creating a pool of light beneath long-standing bystanders. Once the pressure is taken away, the illuminated area slowly dissolves. The time taken for the light to fade depends on how long the pressure has been applied, so another person walking by would create smaller patches of light that disappear relatively quickly. Woolf says the aim of the tile is to create a “delicate and graceful element to the built environment”. The tile featured in consulting engineer Whitbybird’s entry to the Landmark East competition. Woolf and Ossevoot are presently discussing manufacturing licences with lighting and flooring companies.
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Movers and makers

Enter the Brick Awards 2004
The Brick Development Association has announced the Brick Awards 2004, which will be held on 3 November in London. The 14 categories range from housing and commercial buildings to sustainability. The closing date for entries is 9 July.

Secured by Design approve doorsets Manse Masterdor has won Secured by Design approval for its bespoke external doorsets, which it says is a first for this type of product. Secured by Design is an independent scheme that assesses the effectiveness of security products.

Showroom for bathroom products
Bathroom products maker Qualceram has announced plans to open a group showroom at its plant in Longton, Stoke-on-Trent. Brands on display will include Qualceram, Shires Bathrooms, Trent Bathrooms, Selecta, Visions and Shaws. The company says the showroom will enable it to showcase its products and will be important for brand positioning.

Sustainable timber scheme
Builders merchant Jewson has been awarded “chain of custody” certification on timber products supplied by 17 of its branches.

Chain of custody involves tracing and documenting the timber back from point of purchase to the original forest. The company is extending certification to selected branches across the UK.

BBA certificate for Dupont Tyvek
DuPont Tyvek has been granted a British Board of Agrément certificate for a new version of its Tyvek breather membrane. The product is called Universal Tyvek Supro and its certificate supersedes the previous certificate 99/3635 that was suspended after the Advertising Standards Agency upheld a complaint about the claims Dupont Tyvek made for its product (See 7 May, page 59).

In Bill Dunster’s column (23 April, page 69) we incorrectly listed the ZEDproducts email address. This should have read info@zedfactory.com.