Campaign group slams government’s decision to change zero carbon definition

WWF-UK has resigned from the Zero Carbon Taskforce over the government’s decision to water down Zero Carbon Homes.

The campaign group accused the government of changing the definition without consulting members of the Taskforce.

In documents released after the Budget, the government announced that the Zero Carbon definition no longer included emissions from appliances, meaning that housebuilders no longer have to provide renewable energy to power items such as TVs and fridges.

Colin Butfield, head of Campaigns at WWF-UK, said: “It is a shattering blow to find out, without consultation, that the Government has taken a decision to undermine both climate and housing legislation.”

The WWF-UK said that the targets could no longer be defined as ’zero carbon’. It said that the move would transfer the costs from the housebuilder and homeowner to the general public in the form of higher energy bills.

The body said that companies making investment decisions based on the original policy had wasted their money.

Butfield said: “WWF is left with no choice but to resign from the taskforce as the ’zero carbon’ homes policy comes tumbling down.”