Mixed reaction from industry stakeholders regarding WWF’s resignation

The decision by environmental campaign group WWF to resign from the Zero Carbon Taskforce has been met with mixed reaction from industry stakeholders.

WWF-UK resigned from the 15-member Taskforce last week over the government’s decision to water down Zero Carbon Homes policy by changing the definition - without consulting the taskforce.

Colin Butfield, head of campaigns at WWF-UK, said: “It is a shattering blow to find out, without consultation, that the government has taken a decision to undermine climate and housing legislation.”

However, John Tebbit of the Construction Products Association stated that his organisation would continue to back the network and seek to deliver what remained “the most onerous targets in the world.”

“It’s a political decision by the government. They’ve got to balance reducing carbon emissions with reducing the regulatory burden on housebuilders.”

But Ray Noble of the Renewable Energy Association said he sympathised with the WWF and slammed the government for its “complete lack of joined up thinking.”

“It seems that all the low carbon side of this government has come off the rails”, he said.