Consultant to support socio-economic initiatives in Poland, Tajikistan and the Kyrgyz Republic

White Young Green (WYG) has been appointed to provide support services for socio-economic initiatives improving education, business and civil services in Poland, Tajikistan and the Kyrgyz Republic.

The first of the group's new projects will be a vocational education initiative in Poznan Municipality, Poland, worth around €930,000. It will introduce and develop new areas of learning and provide comprehensive support to schools.

WYG's country firm in Poland will provide overall project management services, design and implementation of promotional and recruitment campaigns.

The group's second appointment will be to support the EU-funded “Support to One Stop Shop Business Registration Service” in Tajikistan. The project will invest €778,000 to simplify operations registering and running small businesses in the country.

Tajikistan is ranked 168 out of 178 countries in the World Bank's “Cost of Doing Business” Index, which has been identified as a major constraint to economic growth. This will be WYG's fifth appointment to provide support services on socio-economic projects in the country.

WYG's third appointment is supporting the reform of the civil service in the Kyrgyz Republic as a member of a strategic consortium. WYG International now has four projects in this area of Central Asia.