Consultant consolidates into two divisions

Glen Thorn, head of UK at WYG

Consultant WYG has restructured its business and reshuffled its senior management team.

WYG has consolidated its businesses into two divisions – planning, environment and transport and management services / buildings and infrastructure.

The new divisions will be headed up by Tim Holden and Clive Anderson respectively.

WYG said the new structure would enable senior management to play a “bigger role” in growing the business and aid the firm in producing a “joined-up marketing strategy”.

The new structure does not create new levels of management, WYG added.

WYG will announce its half-year financial results later this week.

Glen Thorn, head of WYG’s UK Region (pictured), said: “I believe that WYG is a genuinely innovative, multi-disciplinary company that is very different in its character and operation to the old Group.

“I am looking forward to leading our UK teams into a new era for the company”.