Yorkshire planners are proposing to significantly increase housing provision in the region’s big cities to comply with the government’s Northern Way initiative.

The Yorkshire and Humberside draft regional spatial strategy proposes that provision across the region should be increased to 17,340 dwellings a year for the rest of this decade, rising to 19,120 between 2016 and 2021.

The strategy, which is due to be presented to Yorkshire and Humber Assembly’s executive board next week, says the increased housing provision will be concentrated in South and West Yorkshire.

In South Yorkshire, which contains one of the government’s nine housing renewal pathfinders, the RSS says councils should plan for 4470 homes a year, compared with the 3115 currently envisaged. And it says housing provision in West Yorkshire should increase from 6030 dwellings a year to 7350.

But it proposes a big clampdown on new housing provision in Hull, another pathfinder area, and the nearby East Riding of Yorkshire from 2240 dwellings to 1800.

In rural North Yorkshire, it says housing provision should increase from 2500 homes to 2870 to tackle the area’s acute shortage of affordable housing.

The Northern Way was launched last year in response to government concerns that its regeneration strategy was too focused on the south of England. It aims to co-ordinate economic activity and regeneration in the region.