US President Barack Obama has said that the $129bn allocated from his $3tn spending budget to encourage renewable, green energy is off limits from the usual congress budget bartering.

President Obama said: “We can remain the world's leader of exporting foreign oil or become the leading exporter of renewable energy. We have known the right choice for a generation."

Addressing clean energy entrepreneurs at the White House, the President reaffirmed his hopes that green energy would help the US out of the recession, creating a speculated 300,000 jobs and ending the country’s dependency on foreign oil.

However, the US leader faces pressure from both sides of the political spectrum at the size of his budget and the potential curbs greener initiatives would have on big business.

The President’s comments come as the Environment Protection Agency (EPA) informed the White House that global warming was endangering public health, prompting speculation that there could be a nationwide cap on carbon emissions in the US.