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    Illegal workers: You have been warned


    The new clampdown on illegal workers puts firms right in the firing line. But it ought not to be an issue for well run human resources departments, says Angus Darroch-Warren

  • Wilkinson Eyre’s multistorey car park in Paradise Street, Liverpool shows that this utilitarian building type can still produce iconic architecture

    Cost model: Car parks


    Car parks may not be the most glamorous of construction projects, but designing them is more complex than you might think. Simon Rawlinson of Davis Langdon outlines the issues that must be thought through and provides a fully comprehensive cost list

  • The King Alfred mixed use scheme in Hove contains two tall residential towers. It was designed by Frank Gehry with HOK and CZWG

    Cost model: Tall buildings


    Cities throughout the UK are developing residential towers and landmark skyscrapers. Steve Watts and Neal Kalita of Davis Langdon consider the design and construction challenges of high-rise development and provide a cost model for a central London office tower

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    The Pole tax


    Send us your poor, your huddled masses, yearning to PAYE … but seriously, migrant workers bring with them a host of tax headaches. Simon Massey highlights the main issues

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    You need some armour plating


    The TUPE regulations now apply to a change of service provider. Make sure the original contract protects you in the event of a change of contractor

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    Young and old alike


    Getting to grips with the incoming age regulations is likely to give employers a headache, but they are going to present particular difficulties for those in the construction industry

  • The A4500 in Northampton has been refurbished, using Charcon Yorkstone and Sandstone setts, to serve Upton, a 43 ha English Partnerships growth area

    Cost model: Infrastructure


    Neal Kalita of Davis Langdon looks at the design considerations, procurement issues, financial risks and sustainable technologies associated with the delivery of infrastructure for a brownfield, mixed-use development

  • Nick Chronias

    Bosses beware


    his year is going to be packed with changes to employment law. This is what you need to know on age discrimination, illegal workers, TUPE and more …

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    Cost model: Mixed-use city-centre schemes


    Mixed use is increasingly the name of the game for town-centre developers. But can uses such as retail and residential really mix? Simon Rawlinson of Davis Langdon examines the practicalities and costs of mixed-use city-centre schemes

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    Sort out your papers


    The laws on illegal workers are set to get tougher, so make sure your procedures are watertight now

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    Watch the skies


    Under a proposed EU directive, construction employers could face hefty claims from outdoor workers if they fail to protect them from the effects of the sun

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    How do you work this thing?


    In theory, the Information and Consultation Regulations mean firms face fines of up to £75k if they fail to consult staff – but what will it mean in practice?

  • The MoD’s £2bn single-living accomodation module (SLAM) programme makes extensive use of volumetric units

    Cost model: Off-site manufacture


    The market for off-site manufacture is expanding rapidly, boosted as it is by public sector investment programmes. Davis Langdon looks at the cost benefits, barriers to innovation and procurement issues involved in OSM

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    Cost model: Urban design and infrastructure


    Proposals for new communities in the South-east, and the redevelopment of existing urban sites will require large-scale investment in site infrastructure. In this month’s cost model, we examine the cost and value drivers associated with infrastructure and site amenities

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    Cost model update, February 2003


    Building cost models are celebrating their 10th birthday. To mark this happy event, we outlines the factors that will be affecting costs in 2003 for 17 of the most common building types

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    Cost model: PFI projects


    The government has swept aside opposition and committed itself to the use of the private sector in delivering public services. With private finance sure to have a growing role in the government’s building programme, it’s time to ask if PFI will be able to deliver. Davis Langdon & Everest reviews ...

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    Cost model update, January 2001


    Eight years after the first cost model was published, Davis Langdon & Everest provides a companion to 17 building types featured in the series. Providing up-to-date costs for each type, this third cost model update includes the publication date of the original model and identifies current cost drivers.

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    Cost study: National Agriculture Centre


    In common with many farmers, the Royal Agricultural Society sees diversification as the key to increased competitiveness. The society hopes that the new exhibition hall at its National Agriculture Centre in Warwickshire will allow it to attract general trade shows and give the nearby Birmingham National Exhibition Centre a run ...

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    Cost model: Value for money


    How can the project team identify the client’s needs at the start of a job? This cost model examines the techniques that can help firms define client requirements and develop solutions that add value to a project

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    Cost model: Building services


    Services installations are crucial to the smooth running of construction projects, as well as the finished product, but their complexities are too often ignored. Mott Green and Wall, the specialist building services team within Davis Langdon & Everest, examines the specification, procurement and costs of a City office’s building services