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Born to be boss

What is the most important quality in a leader?

a. Magnetism. b. Credibility. c. Strong handwriting …?

As we look at the nominees for the Building Awards 2019 Female Leadership Award, the archives brought to light a demanding search for a new boss at the former Housing Corporation. ”We need someone with the charisma to get our message across […] with a touch of the skill of John F Kennedy or Martin Luther King,” said a source at the body. 

Building took a lighter approach to recruitment strategy consulting a handwriting expert and astrologer for help. The graphologist suggested: “The height of the capital letters in proportion to ascending letters such as ‘t’ or ‘I’ will be a good indication. The greater the difference, the greater the leader.”

The astrologer said: “Planets in the masculine signs – Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius and Aquarius – indicate the degree to which anyone, regardless of gender, prefers to lead.” 

Searches for handwriting samples and the birthday of Jon Rouse, who took over the role in 2004, have been unsuccessful.

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