A questionnaire to find your perfect match


Find your perfect partner

Long winter nights, rolling fires, mistletoe - Christmas is the perfect time for couples, and so, inspired by the number of mergers taking place between construction firms in that year, in 1995 Building helpfully devised a questionnaire to help single companies find their perfect partner. The slightly tongue-in-cheek multiple-choice format promised to match firms with their ideal companion type. An example question was:

“5. You’re asked to come up with ideas for bringing in the Jubilee Line Extension on time. What are your suggestions?

a) Start consulting lawyers on recouping costs from tardy subcontractors - then carefully leak the details to Building

b) Arrange monthly partnering meetings between all parties, for mutual support and hand-holding

c) Try the New Austrian Torture Method - piped Viennese waltzes and strudel and schnitzel-only menus for everyone on the project

d) Pump some water into the tunnels - a few more inches sloshing about underfoot will get everyone working faster”