Revisions to Part G of the Building Regulations have been delayed

The Department for Communities and Local Government (CLG) confirmed that the revisions to Part G would not come into force on 1 October as originally stated.

Part G of the Building Regulations deals with sanitation, hot water safety and water efficiency. The Building Regulations Approved Document, which outlines the proposed changes, has already been published. This document will have to be amended.

An industry source claimed that the delay is due to an objection raised by the European Commission. CLG refused to confirm this was the cause of the delay.

CLG was unable to say when the document would be updated. A spokeswoman for the department said there was no exact date as yet, but the short-term aim was to “resolve the issues raised and to issue a final approved document as far in advance” of the changes coming into force in the six-month window ending 1 April next year.

The new regulations propose that all new-build homes will have protective devices, such as thermostatic mixing valves, fitted to baths to limit hot water temperature.

New homes will also need to achieve new levels of water efficiency: a minimum standard of 125 litres of water per person per day.

The plans will extend existing safety measures to all types of hot water systems (not just vented systems) and set out where greywater and harvested rainwater can be safely used.