Paul Hodgkinson

  • Paul Hodgkinson

    In defence of Tesco: 'A good client willing to innovate'


    The Simons Group chairman feared Tesco's reputation as a client but found a firm willing to work to Egan's principles of delivery

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    The value of values


    Just like in any job interview, first (and second and third) impressions count with your clients. It’s crucial that your customers can see what you stand for

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    Getting into Harvard


    The business press doesn't write about construction's management strategies, universities don't study them … Are they trying to tell us something?

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    Scary stuff


    A little-known law about competitive advantage could mean that your well intentioned relationship-building lands you in a heap of trouble with the law

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    My cure-all health plan


    We could improve construction in one fell swoop by making health and safety training a precondition for anybody becoming a company director

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    Getting to know you


    Your reputation depends on your supply chain – so how do you get the best from it?

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    Why you need Sven, too


    How is it that everybody's an expert on team tactics, but nobody applies them at work?

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    Not up to standard


    If we ripped up standard forms of contract, our clients would be much happier people

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    Out of the question


    The art of asking the right questions is one that construction could do well to learn

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    On the champagne trail


    What MIPIM has to offer – as well as bubbly – is a whole continent of opportunity

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    The generation game


    Lessons learned as children affect our working lives – and we're not talking Tonka toys

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    The family business


    Family can't be allowed to come a second to work, but striking a balance is tough

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    Why I want women


    Paul Hodgkinson wants 50% of Simons Group employees to be female by 2011. Here's why