The Renewable Energy Association has issued a response to the government’s Renewable Energy Strategy and the Gallagher review into the impact of biofuels production.

Philip Wolfe, director-general of the association, said: “If we are to meet our 2020 renewables contribution under the EU’s Renewable Energy Directive, we need ambitious plans and a holistic approach that brings in all sectors of society – energy producers and consumers alike. On the Gallagher review, we note that the government has already decided to slow down its renewable transport targets. This has sent a very negative signal to investors.” The association’s recommendations include:

• introduction of a renewable energy tariff to support those who install renewable heat or power systems mainly for their own use

• extending and streamlining the Renewables Obligation

• stronger incentives for installing energy efficiency measures and renewables into existing buildings

• support for binding EU targets for sustainable transport fuels

• further strengthening of sustainability measures for biomass

• improved grid access for renewables.