Rob Booth

  • Open mike

    Urban design with guitar!


    Open mike - Bands such as the Arctic Monkeys have put Sheffield on the pop-cultural map. Now, their energy is feeding into the debate about the city’s regeneration

  • Viñoly’s 192 m high ‘Walkie Talkie’ building at Fenchurch Street for Land Securities – an example of couture architecture at its most flamboyant

    Who you calling Square?


    Forget Milan, forget Paris and don't even mention New York. The big story on the architectural catwalk is the City of London, with Europe's most fashionable architects wowing the Square Mile with glamorous designs. Rob Booth watches them strut their stuff

  • Comment

    Today's lesson: don't fail


    Will Alsop was teaching in Vienna while his practice was being sold off. So what lessons did he have for his students about the cruel facts of an architect's life?

  • Spot the difference II: Frank Gehry’s Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao …

    Global reach


    ‘The summit of world architecture has been conquered by a tiny class of signature architect who peddle a brand of designer egotism to desperate clients with no regard to context, placemaking or local needs. Discuss.’