Rob Horne

  • Rob Horne

    Statutory limitation periods: The sense of an ending


    If a statutory limitation period for making a claim can begin with the adjudicator’s decision, disputes can potentially drag on for over a decade. There may be a solution lurking in NEC3 …

  • Rob Horne

    NEC: Campaign for plain English


    The NEC was supposed to move from legal language to something more practical at project level. But a case from last year shows what can happen when courts are left to interpret the contract

  • Robert Horne

    NEC contracts: Don’t look back in anger


    Engaging in retrospective re-evaluations of contractual terms undermines the forward-looking and co-operative nature of the NEC

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    Treasure & Son Ltd vs Martin Dawes: The end of our elaborate plans


    This case has raised the question of when a contract is over and done with, which can affect practically every construction job that’s carried out

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    Reality check


    The Court of Appeal has just added two heaped spoonfuls of common sense to the rules on what adjudicators can do without breaching natural justice

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    Don't get cute


    Go to court with finely honed legal arguments that contradict the spirit of the Construction Act, and you can expect the kind of treatment ABB got in this case …