All Safety blunders articles – Page 6

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    It’s dangerous – but is it art?


    The creator of the scaffold in this photo by Keith Theobald clearly derived inspiration from Cornelia Parker’s 1991 artwork “Cold Dark Matter” which featured an exploded garden shed. Very tasteful

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    Window display


    Graeme Meikle of Gleeds Health and Safety sent in his colleague’s snap of a window cleaner near London’s Oxford Street

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    With a little help


    Rail workers, it seems, like to work in teams

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    Ever vigilant


    You know those metal discs that sometimes appear right in the middle of the road? It turns out they’re even more dangerous than we thought! Thanks to Nick Dodd for this one

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    A game of trust


    Matt Bromley of Davis Langdon was in Turkey when he spotted this daredevil plasterer

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    Taking the ...


    Our thanks go to Randip Singh Bahra, who was in St Philip’s Place in Birmingham when he spotted this example of making something absolutely clear

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    Lift us up where we belong


    Steve Demuth of Bailey Partnership spotted this creative contraption in a Cornish village

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    Not the brightest spark


    Thanks to John Giles who took these photographs in Chiang Mai in Thailand of an electrician preparing to make a connection to the live main. “I was too squeamish to stay and watch,” he says.

  • Loony on ladder in Leeds

    Well, blow me down!


    Using a single long ladder to reach the roof of a four-storey building – don't try this on a windy day (or ever)

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    Stairway to heaven


    John Mayne of T&B discovered this mysterious escape route propped on the top a three-storey flight of stairs. “Not by us!” he adds quickly.

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    Cheap and fearful


    Thanks to Richard Butler from Network Rail, who spotted these carefree chaps undertaking a spot of roofing work with the help of improvised scaffolding …

  • Man on window ledge fixing something

    Make or break?


    Despite the nearby drainpipe handy to shin down, this is not a prison break-out but some kind of maintenance operation

  • Blunder on the Euston Road

    Monkey business on the Euston Road


    If they only had that ladder to reach the first level, how did they get up to the top? A leg-up? Or an upward swing in the fashion of an ape?

  • Man on ladder on conservatory roof



    All appropriate access equipment is in place – so why is this chap perched on a ladder atop the glass conservatory roof?

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    Wall of water


    Jack Beddall spotted this peculiar contraption from his office in Wembley

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    Makes you shiver


    Nick Roarty snapped this “pair of clowns” near the Barbican in the City of London in the act of installing signage from a ladder stationed on top of their van

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    Vertical limit


    Our thanks to Xana Askew of Cassidy and Ashton Architects in Preston, who sent us these photos of urban mountaineers tackling the north face of the building next door. “I took these from my third-floor office fire escape door. Some people have no concept of vertigo … or health and ...

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    Beware of the wolf


    This house may be built of bricks, but it looks like the smallest huff or puff could blow it to pieces. Photographer Alan Hart mentions that its likely landing place would be Beckenham High Street below

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    Hide and seek


    This photo does not, in fact, depict a game but actually two workmen trying to repair a light fitting in the decking …

  • Worked perched perilously

    A perilous purchase


    This precariously perched building worker may come to regret taking on this (presumably cheap) job