Simon Lewis

  • Qatar

    Gulf region working on $200bn of projects


    Research shows value of infrastructure contracts in the six GCC countries increased by 11% in 2009

  • Housing

    Green guidelines could threaten Scottish housebuilding


    Industry figures warn that changes to building standards could increase cost of projects by £8,000

  • Comment

    Insuring against terrorism


    With the UK looking like a target for terrorist attacks, how do existing standard form contracts deal with the implications?

  • Comment



    The pressure is on for PFI schemes to improve design standards. Is the guidance and regulation of the design process in the health sector the way forward?

  • Comment

    Nothing personal


    Although an adjudicator must act in his personal capacity when deciding a case, he is under no obligation to do this when it comes to recovering his fees

  • Comment

    Life in the fast lane


    If the client is to blame for a project running late yet refuses to grant an extension, the contractor may still be able to recover the costs of acceleration

  • Features

    As bad as all that?


    Prime contracting is the MOD's attempt to apply Rethinking Construction. But contractors have complained loudly that it transfers too much risk to them. So, is it going to be Egan-compliant?

  • Features

    Value-added tactics


    Local authorities are constantly expected to prove their best-value credentials through a stringent review process, so it’s only fair that private contractors in a PFI project also toe the line.

  • Features

    The ties that bind


    Does making a partnering agreement contractually binding contradict the whole idea of partnering? Not necessarily: it can demonstrate both parties’ commitment to the process.

  • Features

    Every body welcome


    Fitting legislative requirements into building policy is not easy at best, but a DDA compliance system could be the answer to builders seeking to avoid future legal action

  • Features

    A three-ring circus


    Subcontractors remember: main contractors are within their rights to request a tripartite arbitration between themselves, you and the employer, but if they delay, you can start your own with them.

  • Features

    Clause for thought


    A new short-form contract has been added to the suite of New Engineering Contract documents. How well should it work?

  • Features

    Parental responsibility


    Do parent company guarantees mean that you never need to worry about your partner going bust? Well, as you might have guessed, there's no such thing as 100% security.

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    No need to argue


    Disputes review boards, often used for international contracts, could reach the parts adjudicators can't on domestic contracts.

  • Features

    Mind the contractual gaps


    Contracts are often the last thing to be checked before work begins – and sometimes they don't get checked at all. The result can be that parties sometimes need m'learned friends to tell them whether they exist at all.

  • Features

    Direct payment or bust


    The analysts have forecast a slowdown for construction, so it might be time to take another look at the provisions for direct payment to subcontractors in the event of insolvency.