Becoming a Go Construct STEM Ambassador opens the doors of our industry to young people

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Becoming a Go Construct STEM Ambassador opens the doors of our industry to young people

We all know there is a skills shortage in the construction industry – especially in engineering and technical fields. The UK Trade Skills Index estimates that up to a million new workers will be needed by 2032 to meet the increase in residential and commercial building projects. And we are all aware that our industry can sometimes suffer from negative perceptions. That is why Go Construct launched its STEM Ambassador programme – a nationwide initiative that aims to inspire and engage the next generation of construction workers.

Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths – the STEM subjects – are seen as critical to addressing the skills gap in this country. The UK government regards STEM careers as key to promoting innovation and economic growth. Go Construct STEM Ambassadors raise awareness of the links between STEM subjects and careers in the construction industry.

So who are they?

Go Construct STEM Ambassadors are people like Anjali, a Project Surveyor, and Sam, a Sustainability Engineer. They go into schools and attend careers fairs, delivering talks and sharing their experiences of what it is like working in construction. They become mentors to young people interested in the industry and help teachers to develop curriculum resources and activities.


Go Construct STEM Ambassadors are the face of construction and the built environment to the people that we need the most – our future workforce. Above all, Go Construct STEM Ambassadors help to change attitudes and break down barriers.

54% of Go Construct STEM Ambassadors are female.

It’s important that our STEM Ambassadors tell the story of what our industry is like now – an inclusive, diverse, welcoming place to work. They may just create that ‘lightbulb moment’ in a young person’s life and shape future career decisions.

Not everyone has a role model in their school or home environment. Sometimes inspiration needs to come from somewhere else.

And that moment when someone realises: “It’s not just men in hard hats. I could be an architect, a structural engineer, a technical manager, making a difference to the built environment and to people’s lives” is what makes it all worthwhile.

What benefits are there of having a Go Construct STEM Ambassador within your company?

Having a member of staff as a Go Construct STEM Ambassador is incredibly positive for any organisation. As an industry advocate, they represent your company and put your brand in the public eye. Companies have an opportunity to make a lasting impact on the construction industry, and to make connections with potential future talent.

Go Construct STEM Ambassadors all agree that the experience helps with their personal and professional growth; it is a great thing to have on a CV, develops presentation and communication skills and builds confidence. You will see your employee blossom in front of your eyes, and become an even greater asset for your business.


It is also not an overwhelming commitment – all our Go Construct STEM Ambassadors are volunteers, and work closely with their employers to fit what they do around their full-time jobs.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be a member of your team. It could be you – we have company directors and senior managers signed up to the programme. It’s open to anyone at any level, working in construction. Plus, you don’t have to be a science whizz or even have studied STEM subjects at a high level – you just need to have a passion for construction, an understanding of why STEM is important for careers in the industry and be prepared to share your story.

‘It is so rewarding; you’re leaving a lasting impact on young people by inspiring and engaging them about construction’

Anjali Pindoria, Go Construct STEM Ambassador

How do you become a Go Construct STEM Ambassador?


It couldn’t be easier to join the Go Construct STEM Ambassador programme on our website. If you need any support during the registration process don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Once registered you’ll complete a short induction and receive a free DBS check (or PVG in Scotland). You’ll then have access to a wealth of events and engagements available through STEM Learning, as well as the opportunity to create your own. We deliver the programme in collaboration with STEM Learning, the leading ambassador programme in the UK, giving all Go Construct STEM Ambassadors access to high impact CPD and construction specific resources.

A little bit about us

If you haven’t heard of Go Construct before, we are an organisation that promotes careers across the UK construction industry. We provide information and resources to young people looking for opportunities in construction, as well as careers advisors and teachers, and for anyone considering a career change. Go Construct is supported by the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB), which is funded by construction employers. We have over 170 job profiles listed on our website, with information on qualifications, training routes, salary expectations and skill requirements for each role.


Together we can tackle the skills shortage

Our aim is to inspire the next generation of construction professionals, so that we can address the projected skills shortage.

We need passionate and enthusiastic professionals to act as the face of the industry and share their positive experiences of construction. It’s a diverse, welcoming industry where Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths can be the foundation of a rewarding career.

Please get in touch if you would like further information about the Go Construct STEM Ambassador programme.