As part of its industry leading sustainability programme, Step Towards Greener, Dulux Trade Contract Partnership has invited a number of well recognised experts to share their sustainability journeys with you. Listen and learn how they have set challenges, identified solutions, engaged team members and inspired others.

Sustainability is an increasingly important part of being an efficient, effective and responsible construction company. It helps set your company apart from the competition. Fortunately, adopting a more sustainable approach to running a business is not difficult.

With just a few simple steps any construction company can start to minimise its impact on the planet, improve its economic viability and engage with its workforce and local community.

Linden Homes, Guildford

David Evans, Technical Director

In 2007 Linden Homes and Affinity Sutton joined forces to build what they say will be the UK’s largest zero carbon housing development.

Construction of the development started in 2009 and when finished will consist of 800 homes, retail and commercial space and a chapel. The first wave of residents moved in in October 2010.

The site, a former hospital was sold off by English Partnerships, now the HCA which meant it came with a requirement to build homes to Code for Sustainable Homes level 4, but Linden Homes and Affinity Sutton decided to up the ante and go for Code for Sustainable Homes level 6.

The plan is to reduce on site carbon emissions by 60% and to offset the remaining 40% by building a 1.5 MW wind turbine located off site. The on-site carbon emission savings breaks down to 18% achieved by enhanced fabrics, improving the timber frame junction details and insulation, 37% by use of a district energy centre powered by four gas condensing boilers which will be supplemented in 2014 by two 500 watt combined heat and power engines and 5% from photovoltaic panels.

The energy centre will provide heating and hot water for the whole site and the electricity produced will be sent directly to the grid.

So far the HCA are satisfied Linden Homes are meeting their carbon targets but Technical Director, David Evans says: ’ You set your goals and you set your strategy but you always have to be flexible: you have to remember things will change through the life of the development, in terms of government legislation, costs and products.’ Of the sustainability targets he added:

“It has been complicated and it has been tough at times but it has been a fascinating learning curve and when I look back it hasn’t been as complicated as we thought it might be in some instances.”

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