Tim Willis

  • Tim Willis

    FITs: Happy Anniversary, Mr Barker


    A year after the energy minister slashed the feed-in tariff for solar power the legal ramifications are still emerging, with the latest challenge coming in the form of a class action

  • Tim Willis

    Feed-in tariff timetable: Compensation for firms


    We all know the government’s timetable for cuts to the solar feed-in tariff was illegal but how do those who suffered from the over-hasty announcement go about getting compensation?

  • Chloë McCulloch

    Get your head round this


    Jack Lemley is to run Olympic projects under the NEC3 standard form, about which there is ‘massive ignorance' in the industry. So how can it wise up?

  • Comment

    Not bad, not biased and not barking


    Depending on who you ask, the new NEC contract displays favouritism to contractors or employers. In fact, it is the lawyers who amend it who are causing the problems

  • Tim Willis

    The arrangement


    The Appeal Court has ruled that lawyers and judges are safe from the Proceeds of Crime Act, but that is no help to adjudicators, arbitrators, valuers or clients