Top 50 QSs

Top 50 quantity surveyors, ranked by the number of chartered quantity surveyors employed by each firm. Click on the buttons below to sort the tiles and hover over each firm to to reveal more information.

This is the first part of Building's annual look at the top 150 consultants. The top 50 architects will be revealed tomorrow and the full top 150 will be released on Friday.

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Barbour ABI, provider of construction intelligence services and Building’s sister company, contacted more than 500 firms for this year’s Building Top Consultants’ Survey. They were sent a survey form asking for details on the number of chartered staff, non-chartered and technical staff, and domestic and worldwide fee incomes. Firms are ranked according to total UK chartered staff, and for QSs, architects, engineers and project managers by chartered staff in each respective discipline. Practices were also asked questions relating to: staff recruitment, wage patterns, margins, areas of work, and work expectations.

The survey relies upon firms completing and returning the annual survey form. For a variety of reasons firms sometimes decide not to take part. Only those firms that complete and return the survey form are included in the survey. Where firms have made two submissions, we have used data from the most complete submissions. Where firms have omitted answers from their response we have filled the space with a “–” symbol.

Where the given total chartered staff number for a profession didn’t match the total staff numbers listed for types of that profession (eg. structural engineer, electrical engineer), then the total professional chartered number that was submitted has been used.

2016 revenue figures for these companies are approximate or forecast or unaudited:

  • Arcadis (UK only)
  • Arup
  • Hilson Moran
  • Jestico + Whiles
  • Towereight
  • Walsh Associates
  • Walker Sime
  • Rolton Group.

Firms with any questions about the survey, or that wish to be included in the 2016 survey, should contact Barbour ABI. ( or by email to