German climate engineer Transsolar has won a design competition working with architects Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) and engineering firm AKT for a sports facility in Malmo, Sweden.

The design team was awarded first place in a design competition for 100,000m2 facility, called the World Village of Women Sports.

Transsolar, AKT and BIG design for Malmo sports facility
Transsolar, AKT and BIG design for Malmo sports facility

The project was designed as a village rather than a sports complex, combining individual buildings with a variety of uses with open spaces and public gardens. The interior streets have been designed to resemble a medieval downtown.

Bjarke Ingels, partner-in-charge at BIG, said: "Considering the special requirements of women of all cultures and all ages, special attention has been given, to provide the sports village with a feeling of intimacy and well being often lacking in the more masculine industrial-style sports complexes that are more like factories for physical exercise, than temples for body and mind.”

The central hall is reportedly large enough to accommodate professional football matches as well as concerts, conferences, exhibitions and flea markets. It was designed to appear like an open and welcoming public space, visible from all of the surrounding streets. The pedestrian network around the main sports hall plugs into the surrounding street networks as well as the interior galleries of Kronprinsen.

The winning design was chosen among five submissions by ajury, comprised of the founder and main financier of the World Village of Women Sports, Kent Widding Persson, the co-founder and entrepreneur Maarten Hedlund, City of Malmo Architect,Ingemar Graahamn and Architects Mats Jacobson and Cecilia Hansson together with representatives from the City of Malmo.