Philip Sellwood, chief executive of the Energy Saving Trust (EST), has said the government is failing to support its own measures to deliver on energy savings.

Sellwood said that although the government was quick in pushing forward policies such as zero carbon homes, the existing building regulations were not being upheld.

He said: "A short while ago, the government announced that it was going to implement a programme of installing smart meters in people's homes. This would allow the household to indentify their energy use and obviously take measures to reduce it. Since then, there has been silence from the government. “

Sellwood also suggested that local authorities needed further funding in order to ensure savings were being made.

"To me, this highlights a real gap between the aspiration to do something appropriate and the actual delivery on the ground,” continued Sellwood. “If it were just a matter of policy announcements, the UK would be up among the leading countries.”