As part of its industry leading sustainability programme, Step Towards Greener, Dulux Trade Contract Partnership has invited a number of well recognised experts to share their sustainability journeys with you. Listen and learn how they have set challenges, identified solutions, engaged team members and inspired others.

Sustainability is an increasingly important part of being an efficient, effective and responsible construction company. It helps set your company apart from the competition. Fortunately, adopting a more sustainable approach to running a business is not difficult.

With just a few simple steps any construction company can start to minimise its impact on the planet, improve its economic viability and engage with its workforce and local community.


Plan A Construction Team:

In 2007 M&S launched Plan A, an eco and ethical strategy tackling climate change, waste, raw materials, health and being a fair partner.   In 2010 the retailer committed to building two sustainable learning stores each year: The first of the series, Ecclesall Road in Sheffield opened its doors in April 2011.    

The Plan A team aim to use the stores to develop their knowledge of sustainable construction by trialing new technologies and processes which if successful can be rolled out across their property portfolio. It’s part of M&S’s drive to become one of the world’s most sustainable retailers by 2015.      

The Ecclesall Road Simply Food store was built on an old petrol station site, recycling all the demolished building’s waste and using reclaimed bricks from a local mill to build the outer shell.   

100% LED lighting has been installed throughout to reduce energy consumption by a predicted 25% and a heat reclaim system which recycles waste heat from the refrigerators to heat the building will reduce carbon emissions by 23%. 

Aiming for a BREEAM Excellent retail rating with a score of 78.49%, Head of Construction, Plan A, Munish Datta says: ‘Engaging people in trying to deliver a project like this is all about winning hearts and minds’.

’It’s about making sure that people are with you in terms of knowing how important it is to create sustainable buildings…….then actually they’ll work harder for you to create, and deliver on some of the tough targets that you’ve set for it’.

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