Azzurri connectivity staff transfer to ECA member Wesley

Azzurri Communications, the managed services company, has agreed to outsource its infrastructure business to Wesley Services. The arrangement will see ECA member Wesley conduct all of the structured cabling and associated infrastructure on behalf of Azzurri.

As part of the arrangement, staff working in Azzurri’s connectivity team have transferred to Wesley. In addition, Azzurri will have access to Wesley’s electrical engineering resources and its Wesley Green energy management solutions.

Eric Thickett, chairman of Wesley Holdings, said: “Wesley is proud that Azzurri has the confidence in us and we will make sure that it is well founded. We will work through Azzurri to promote state-of-the-art, standards-based, systems to Azzurri clients and make sure that the network foundations are secure and robust to carry the network solutions offered by Azzurri.

“We will also offer access to the Wesley Green portfolio, where technology is used to provide energy savings that can have a return on investment of less than one year.”

Russ Tiller, Azzurri operations director, commented “We want to offer clients a full service across all of the network disciplines and working with Wesley in this way will both broaden our offering and increase focus and attention to high quality infrastructure.”