Zara Lamont

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    A leading question


    Nobody doubts that if the industry is to undergo the necessary culture change, clients must take charge. What everybody wants to know is how

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    Whom can we trust?


    Clients want buildings that will benefit their business interests, not just enhance the reputation of the design team – and we can tell the difference, you know

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    IT is not the answer


    We all know IT will mobilise construction, giving everyone a faster, better service – and we are all wrong. In fact, like any tool, it's only as good as those who use it

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    It's a girl thing


    Why does it seem that the women in construction are so much more worried about keeping staff happy? Come on guys, admit there's a problem

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    Consider the client


    Why is it that the industry continues to erect buildings that aren't fit for their purpose? Perhaps it's time to start trying to get a handle on what your client needs

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    Survival course


    As if she hadn't come under enough fire, Zara Lamont braved four days with the army to find out what it could teach construction about getting on in a rough world

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    Dogs in the manger


    Everyone agrees that construction must abandon adversarial practices – except for QSs. Why are they so out of step with the rest of the industry?