Six homes in Upton have become the first on the open market to meet level six of the Code for Sustainable Homes.

The houses were built using Zedfactory’s RuralZED system, pioneered by architect Bill Dunster.

Zedfactory code level six homes in Upton
Zedfactory code level six homes in Upton

Energy and hot water is generated by photovoltaic panels (PV) mounted on the roof, and a backup biomass boiler. According to Zedfactory the houses should not require heating at all as they feature sunrooms which heat the houses up during the day.

Arup engineered the zero heating specification homes using a mixture of winter sunlight and passive heat recovery ventilation which requires only a small of wood pellet in winter to provide heating and hot water.

Two of the houses are currently up for sale, two are being rented and two are under shared ownership. The firm claimed that the development cost only 10% more than a conventional build.