The 14th Serpentine Pavilion unveiled in Kensington Gardens today

The pavilion is the second in a row worked on by Aecom, which provided engineering, technical, cost and project management services for the project.

The team was led by David Glover, Aecom’s global CEO of building engineering, who has worked on most of the pavilions since the first of the temporary structures was erected in 2000.

The design of the pavilion is based on a papier mache castle sculpture created by Smiljan Radic, the project’s Chilean architect.

Aecom’s key challenge was to create a life-size version of Radic’s papier mache castle, which would be robust enough to cope with the hundreds of thousands of visitors that the pavilion attracts every year and able to be reused afterwards.

Aecom erected the structure, which used glass reinforced plastic and a steel frame, on-site in just six weeks.

The pavilion, which consists of a multi-purpose social space and cafe, will remain open until October.

Since 2000, the Serpentine Gallery has commissioned a leading architect to create a temporary summer pavilion.