Redundancies make up around 4% of company’s 2500 staff

Contractor BAM is to make around 100 workers redundant before the end of the year.

The redundancies, which amount to around 4% of the company’s 2500 staff, are understood to include about 35 from its Leeds-based north-east business, 20 from the Midlands and 20 from its West office.

News of the cuts come two weeks after Building reported that the company was carrying out a redundancy consultation.

A BAM spokesperson said: “The company has a programme underway to consult with staff in each of our construction businesses. We have managed to progress quite far into the recession without having to scale back the number of our employees and we are determined to keep the number of redundancies to a minimum in order to retain as much talent and capacity as possible within our business. Like all businesses, however, we cannot ignore the difficult economic reality.”