Tony Bingham’s article on BIM has sparked a fierce debate, but it’s important to realise that not everyone in the industry is a BIM convert


Iain Withers

The article on BIM by Building legal columnist Tony Bingham in last week’s issue has opened up a fierce debate on He argued that “the suspicion with BIM is it’s yet another device in the blame game”, with the aim to shift risk to other members of the project team.

Bingham’s critics decried his fatalism over reforming the industry, with some speculating over why construction lawyers might be against a tool designed to encourage collaborative, harmonious working. While unpopular, Bingham’s argument is nevertheless an important contribution.

There’s clearly a part of the industry that sees potential with BIM, but there is a danger this part of the industry lapses into talking to itself without recognising how far some parts, in particular smaller contractors and those working on smaller contracts, have to go.

And if people have fears over the technology’s impact on the sector, those fears will be allayed best by having a genuine debate about the threats and opportunities of this new way of working.

Iain Withers, Building reporter