In the first of a new series of White Papers from Building, find out more about the current state of the Brazil construction sector and the opportunities available for foreign players, plus get insider knowledge on the market from professionals working in Brazil.

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Political stability, continuity in economic policy-making, demand for its commodities on global markets and high levels of foreign direct investment are stimulating Brazil’s economic growth.

Combine this with an expanding population, a growing middle class and a legacy of under investment during the 1980s and 1990s and Brazil is experiencing a civil construction boom.

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  • Overview of the dynamics of the various Brazilian infrastructure sectors
  • Identifying key public and private players that foreign companies need to get to know
  • Exclusive data from a survey carried out by Building with over 100 construction sector professionals
  • Importance of sustainability in government procurement
  • Case studies of a successful partnership between a Brazilian and an international firm
  • Information on public procurement, compliance and sustainability
  • Key data on the largest infrastructure projects currently being developed