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This is all about your future working practices and we want to hear about your careers, colleagues and businesses. We will be rolling out lots of editorial opportunities aimed at getting you involved, but to get us started, ways to participate in the debate include:

Building Your Future: Changemakers

Is there someone in your organisation that has introduced innovations, who seems to understand where your profession is going? Would you like to see more people like them in the industry? Nominate your colleague as a “Changemaker”, and they could be profiled in the pages of Building magazine. Simply send their name, job title, a photo of them, and up to 500 words on what makes them innovative to building@building.co.uk

Building Your Future: Trailblazers

What buildings from the last 175 years were futuristic in their time, or marked a change in how the industry built? Tell us what structures were trailblazers, and what we can learn from them for our future projects. Email building@building.co.uk

Thought for Tomorrow

What would you like the built environment – or the sector that creates it – to be like in 25 years’ time? And what’s the one change that might get us there? Send us 250 words with the answers to these questions to building@building.co.uk, with Building Your Future in the subject line

In the skip!

What single thing would you consign to the skip of history? Attitudes, tech, policies, practices: if you hate it, we want to know about it! Use the hashtag #Building175 and #InTheSkip to tweet us what doesn’t deserve to survive the next 25 years