There are over 1,500 approved images on Building’s Flickr group. Here are our favourites

flickre selection

Flickr selection

Every week in Building magazine our deputy art editor Astrid Kogler selects her favourite image from our Flickr group.

Over the year we’ve seen some outstanding images, and frankly the limited space in the magazine doesn’t do them justice.

To give you a better perspective we’ve blown up six of the best Flickr images from 2010 and we’re inviting you to vote for your favourite.

Nottingham University: The Amenities Building by Jo Orr

Nottingham University Jubilee Campus © Jo Orr

Source: Jo Orr

Nottingham Uni: Jubilee Campus: The Amenities Building Designed by Ken Shuttleworth and Make Architects © Jo Orr



Mandarin Oriental



Imperial War Museum Manchester by Ian Bramham

Imperial War Museum


Oslo Opera House

Source: Simon Foster

Oslo Opera House by Simon Forster


Hungerford Bridge

Source: Only Lines


Ulbricht's Last Erection

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