Good Employer Guide 2016 data

Architectural practice Architype scoops the prime position in this year’s guide, proving itself to be a truly inspiring employer. Followed by runners-up Cullinan Studio, JTP, Assael Architecture and Alinea.

Below you will find an interactive table containing data for all 50 of this year's Good Employers. See key on right for what each symbol represents. You are able to see further details of each employer, including what they say about themselves, by clicking on their names.

CompanyStaff turnoverNumber of full-time equivalent UK employeesMaximum number of days holidayTraining hoursPensionFemale non-administrative staffStaff from non-white ethnic backgroundEntry-level training schemeSabbaticals/career breaksFlexible workingChance to work abroadPrivate healthcare schemeEnhanced maternity benefitsEnhanced paternity benefits
3PM0%1326 days40 hoursDCSP(C)/GPP(C)18%0%noneallallnoneallallall
8build24%10425 days80 hoursPP(C)14%15%9allallsomeallnoneall
AA Projects9%8930 days48 hoursGPP(C)9%8%9allallallallallall
Alinea3%7330 days85 hoursGPP16%11%4allnonenonenoneallall
Architype5%5025 days49 hoursDCSP(C)58%14%1allallnonesomesomesome
Assael Architecture14%8140 days61 hoursCP(C)29%8%13allsomenoneallallall
bptw partnership15%10528 days38 hoursPP47%12%17someallnoneallallall
Built Environment Design Partnership0%2835 days110 hoursDCSP(C)/GPP(C)23%17%3allallallnonenoneall
Buro Four12%9129 days50 hoursGPP(NC)26%17%7somesomesomeallallall
Couch Perry Wilkes9%22530 days75 hoursCP/DCSP/MP/
Croudace Homes9%24528 days150 hoursGPP(NC+C)35%2%22someallnonesomesomesome
Cullinan Studio18%3735 days50 hoursMP(C)/DCSP(NC)45%24%3someallallnoneallall
Curtins Consulting18%34230 days25 hoursGPP(C)12%7%24allallnonesomenonesome
DBK Partners13%14540 days35 hoursMP(C)12%9%7someallsomesomenoneall
Doig + Smith9%6940 days90 hoursGPP(C)/MP(NC)27%9%13allallnonesomeallall
Donald Insall Associates11%8325 days30 hoursCP(C)48%13%11allallsomenoneallall
Elliott Wood18%12330 days150 hoursDCSP(C)/
Hardies10%7840 days25 hoursPP(C)16%3%4someallnoneallnonenone
Henry Riley7%12527 days40 hoursPP(C)16%11%9noneallsomesomenonenone
Hilson Moran12%20328 days49 hoursPP(C)/GPP(NC)15%16%5allallallallnonenone
HKS Architects6%7130 days40 hoursGPP(C+NC)44%31%0allallallsomenonenone
HLM11%17233 days70 hoursPP(C)/GPP(C)40%12%22allallallsomenoneall
HTA Design15%16130 days25 hoursDCSP(C)44%13%16someallnonenoneallall
Jestico + Whiles25%11033 days24 hoursDCSP(C)46%8%11allallsomenoneallall
John Rowan and Partners13%7936 days22 hoursDCSP(C)12%23%12somesomesomesomeallall
JTP10%9733 days23 hoursDCSP(C)/MP(C)/
Levitt Bernstein15%11828 days46 hoursCP(C)/DCSP(C)/
Mace Limited21%360627 days12 hoursGPP(C)18%13%144allallallallallall
Make Architects8%14530 days20 hoursDCSP(C)/GPP(NC)36%20%18allallallallallall
Martin Arnold15%7225 days60 hoursPP(C)16%16%5noneallnoneallallall
Max Fordham3%19022 days65 hoursGPP(C)26%5%23allallallnoneallall
Method Consulting13%2636 days45 hoursGPP(C)39%6%10someallnoneallsomesome
MSMR Architects7%3330 days50 hoursGPP(C)48%12%3nonesomesomesomeallall
Penoyre & Prasad9%4328 days40 hoursDCSP(C)/PP(NC)49%24%4someallnonenonesomesome
Peter Brett Associates16%57930 days47 hoursGPP(C)28%8%50allallallsomeallall
Phelan Construction5%11025 days20 hoursDCSP(C)3%4%5someallnoneallallall
Pick Everard18%47226 days35 hoursDCSP(C)21%22%11someallsomeallallall
Pollard Thomas Edwards20%12928 days50 hoursPP(C)/GPP(NC)39%29%3allallnonesomeallall
Prater12%35430 days21 hoursCP(C)/DCSP/
PRP15%23330 days20 hoursPP(C)42%15%8someallnonesomeallall
Ramboll UK18%76830 days16 hoursDCSP(C)17%10%61someallsomeallsomesome
Ridge & Partners22%49230 days31 hoursGPP(C)14%39allallsomeallallnone
RPA Group19%5727 days30 hoursGPP(C)28%5%3allallsomeallallall
Scott Brownrigg16%26232 days65 hoursPP(C)44%16%12someallsomeallsomeall
SCS Group10%4425 days40 hoursGPP(C)15%9%5noneallnoneallallall
Skanska UK13%550028 days17 hoursCP(C)/MP(C)/PP(C)21%23%235allsomesomesomeallnone
Skelly & Couch9%3327 days65 hoursPP(C)22%23%2someallsomeallallall
Troup Bywaters + Anders17%21027 days70 hoursDCSP/PP(C)12%17%21allallnoneallallall
TUV SUD Wallace Whittle18%16830 days224 hoursCP(C)/DCSP(C)/
WCEC Architects5%13933 days41 hoursDCSP(C)15%11%2allallnoneallallall


Readers of Building that are eligible to enter Building’s other “Top” tables, such as consultants, contractors and housebuilders, and other industry firms were invited to take part in the selection process for the Good Employer Guide 2016, through a call for entries published in print and online. Each interested firm was sent a link to an online staff survey to send to all employees, which had to be filled in anonymously by a minimum of 33% of total staff, excluding those who work in purely support functions such as HR. This survey gauged strength of feeling on the company’s performance in nine key areas: leadership, corporate social responsibility, employees’ opportunity to contribute, working atmosphere, opportunities for smarter working, career progression, the company’s response to current market conditions, the promotion of mental wellbeing, and how likely staff would be to recommend their company to a new entrant to the industry. Survey responses were sent direct to Building magazine, and not seen by the company in question.

Separately, each interested firm was asked to complete an entry form giving the following information:

  • Number of full-time equivalent UK employees
  • Number of female non-administrative staff
  • Annual staff turnover for 2014 and 2015
  • Percentage of staff from a non-white ethnic background
  • Average number of training hours per employee per year
  • Minimum number of paid days holiday available to staff per year
  • Maximum number of paid days holiday available to staff per year
  • Private healthcare provision
  • Maternity benefits offered
  • Paternity benefits offered
  • Existence of an entry-level recruitment programme (eg apprenticeships, graduate intake) and number of people starting the programme from Sept 2015-Aug 2016
  • Opportunities offered for flexible working
  • Opportunities offered to work abroad
  • Opportunities offered for sabbaticals and career breaks
  • Details of pension scheme offered

Companies were also asked to provide a 500-word statement in support of their entry, addressing the following areas: stand-out benefits; how the company has adapted to current market conditions; leadership and development; employee engagement; staff wellbeing and the “feel good factor”; mental wellbeing; diversity and inclusion; corporate social responsibility, including attitude towards sustainability; and outreach to promote career opportunities in construction to new entrants.

The entries were assessed by a judging panel comprising: Michael Ryley, partner in Weightmans, Nicola Ihnatowicz, partner in Trowers & Hamlins, Rosalind Connor, partner in ARC Pensions Law, Sarah Richardson, editor of Building magazine, Chloë McCulloch, managing editor of Building magazine, and Deborah Duke, production manager and special projects editor of Building magazine.

The top five firms were identified from a shortlist selected in the first judging round by a weighting system that rewarded firms for the benefits offered under the various entry headings and the strength of endorsement from staff gathered through responses to the survey. The weighting system was adjusted to take account of company demographics – for example, the size of the firm was taken into account when assessing the range of benefits offered, as was the sector in which the company worked. So, for example, a small regional contractor would not be penalised for not offering staff the opportunity to work abroad. The final top five were selected by amalgamating individual scores awarded to firms on this shortlist by each of our final round judges.

Beyond the top five, the firms selected for this year’s guide have been listed in alphabetical order. The guide contains the top 50 companies from the entries received. About 200 companies registered to be considered for the guide.

Next year’s guide

For enquiries about the entry process for the 2017 Guide, please email