HBG employed a Learning Resource Coordinator to engage with community in Bromsgrove PFI scheme

HBG decided that the Bromsgrove schools PFI scheme should be a learning opportunity for the community. A Learning Resource Coordinator (LRC) was employed to liaise between the project team, the schools, the local community and the client. The LRC and site managers attended a series of school assemblies to explain what would be happening and to prepare the pupils for future site visits. This gave the pupils a fuller understanding of the impact that the project will have upon their day-to-day activities.

Key points

• Helped develop HBG's communications skills, particularly in presenting to groups of people
• Provided HBG with a greater understanding of young people, therefore enabling better support to its own trainees.
• Understanding of teachers' needs helps inform design and construction
• Gave HBG better understanding of where the construction process can support or enhance national curriculum.
• It fosters better relationships between the client, the schools and the construction teams. One outcome was less vandalism around the sites.
• Created a positive image of construction, which could result in more young people considering it as a career option.

Contractor: HBG Construction . Client: Worcester County Council