Interns can gain valuable experience, boost their CV and plug temporary skills gaps, says consultant

Max Stafford, an intern Building interviewed in January, has been offered a permanent post by his internship provider John Rowan and Partners. The move is a boost for the Pledge campaign, which is promoting internships and was launched by JRP with support from Building.

Building met Stafford at the start of his stint with consultant JRP to investigate the pros and cons of internship.

Stephen Gee, managing partner at JRP, told Building at the time that interns gain experience that can play a vital role in retaining their interest in the construction industry and boosting their CV. For employers, interns can plug temporary skills gaps due to workload spikes and act as an extended job interview.

This turned out to be the case for Matt Stafford, who has accepted the role of graduate quantity surveyor with JRP.

He said: “I aim to use it as a springboard to further develop my skills as a QS. JRP took a chance on me and I feel that I have to repay that favour - through hardwork. My previous thoughts about leaving the sector for jobs elsewhere are gone and I feel that my career lies firmly in construction and with JRP.”  

The Pledge asks construction firms to commit to making 2% of their workforce interns. Companies can sign up at and advertise their opportunities for interns at

Some 36,000 people graduated with built environment degrees last year, but fears have been raised that because of the lack of jobs, if they do not have at least some experience of construction they will abandon the industry permanently, raising the prospect of a skills shortage further down the line.

JRP has had five interns in the past 12 months of which three have been taken on in permanent roles and plan to take on two more this year, including Graham Manley, a Building Surveyor intern starting on 19th July and a project manager intern for the firm’s public sector regeneration team in August, for which interviews are taking place in the next two weeks.

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