Philips Lighting is asking anyone involved in lighting design or inspired by lighting to sign up to a fun and innovative new competition called Light World Tour whereby the winner will be sent on a three-month tour of the most inspiring lighting sights in the world.

The idea is to share visual inspiration in the professional lighting design community. The winner is therefore required to share the journey through daily blogging, photo and video uploads and tweets.

To participate, entrants need to upload examples of which lighting designs inspire them most, from natural wonders to professional installations.They can use the site’s social media features to drum up support for their entries. Site visitors and entrants’ supporters will vote for their favourite entries via Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to propel contestants into the list of ten finalists.

Supporters and anyone who shares a passion for lighting can also use the site to recommend specific destinations for the winner’s travel itinerary. By uploading photos and videos of their favourite lighting sights, they will help Light World Tour create a permanent, shared online ‘sketchbook’ of stimulating views and ideas for the global lighting professionals community.

User votes will determine the ten finalists and the winner will be selected by an international panel of experts chaired by Philips Lighting vice president and design officer Rogier van der Heide.

The deadline for submissions is 8 August, the winner will be announced on 12 August with the tour beginning 1 September 2011.