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    Aussie rules: The Construction Act in Australia and New Zealand


    There has been lots of coverage of the new Construction Act for England and Wales but what about similar legislation in other jurisdictions? Here’s a guide to the antipodes

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    Hackney Empires vs Aviva Insurance: What happened next?


    Act I: Hackney Empire advances its contractor 750k. Act II: the contractor goes bust. Act III: Hackney tries to recover the money under its surety bond. Now, at last, the denouement …

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    The retrofit market part 1: A stalled market


    In the first of two articles looking at the retrofit market in the UK, Chris Hill explores the reasons why the market is stalling and points out some examples to follow

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    Difficult jurisdictions: Russia


    Today the Bribery Act comes into force, creating a new risk of being prosecuted for offences committed abroad. With this in mind, Chris Hill focuses on the challenges of operating in Russia

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    How clients can protect themselves from contractors that underbid


    A legal view on tightening up contract terms and using two-stage procurement to route out unrealistically low bids

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    Difficult jurisdictions: Kazakhstan


    Continuing our series on difficult jurisdictions, Chris Hill explains how doing business in booming Kazakhstan has become much easier. That’s not to say it’s a walkover

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    How to claim compensation for the snow


    If the recent snow has caused disruption to a construction project you can make a claim, but you need to know how the various contract forms work first …

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    Difficult jurisdictions: Libya


    In the first of a series on difficult jurisdictions, Chris Hill turns the focus on Libya where the opportunities are on a par with its challenges

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    OFT special: What now?


    The OFT has imposed fines of £129.5m on 103 firms that colluded with competitors. Over the next four pages we look at the legal aftermath – starting with Chris Hill on the question of appeals, restitution and discrimination

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    Men behaving badly


    A survey by the Chartered Institute of Building reveals that many in construction have a shockingly complacent attitude to corruption – and don’t even realise that certain practices are criminal

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    A bitter wind


    Chris Hill and the rest of the Tour de MIPIM's riders have covered the first 160 km, but now east of Paris they encounter harsh weather conditions. Can Chris keep up with the pace?

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    Allez, Christophe!


    Chris Hill and 14 other riders in waterproofs left London this morning on the first leg of the Tour de MIPIM. And even though the rain turned to sleet on reaching Calais spirits in the peloton remained high.

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    The cycling diaries


    Construction lawyer Chris Hill is taking the scenic route to MIPIM this year. His first "on the road" blog entry explains why he and 14 others are tackling 1500 km in just four and a half days.

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    The shadow of Hatfield


    Faced with the prospect of a tough new corporate killing bill in the autumn, Norton Rose has done some research into how the construction industry expects to be affected

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    Stopping the dominos


    After 10 years of calm, the collapse of Enron has brought the risks of insolvency back into the spotlight. So how can contractors protect themselves?